2014 ADCIRC User’s Group Meeting Talks

18th Annual ADCIRC Model Workshop
April 3-4, 2014

List of Presentations

Thursday April 3, 2014

Session 1: Surge Applications

Jesse Feyen NOAA NOS Storm Surge Modeling Activities
Chris Massey USACE-ERDC-CHL Updates for ERDC’s Coastal Storm Modeling System and the Post Sandy Study
Rick Luettich UNC ADCIRC_Lite: Rapid Tropical Cyclone Surge and Wave Evaluations using Pre-Computed ADCIRC Solutions


Session 2: Applications

Brian Joyce Notre Dame High Resolution Ice, Tide, Wind-Wave and Storm Surge Model for Alaska
Mara Orescanin WHOI Circulation in Katama Bay, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Ashley Naimaster Taylor Engineering Pressure field-induced oscillations in FEMA East Coast Central Florida water levels


Session 3: Discontinous Galerkin Methods

Ethan Kubatko Ohio State University SWEMmin with Galerkin: Updates on DG-SWEM
Steven Brus Notre Dame Performance and Scalability Improvements for DG Shallow Water Models
Jessica Meixner Notre Dame Advances in Wave/Circulation Models with Higher Order DG Methods and What is Next?


Session 4: Tools

Chris Szpilka U. Oklahoma Updates for the EC2013 and WC2014 Tidal Databases
Jindong Wang NOAA Using Tide Models to Help Plan Hydrographic Surveys
Taylor Asher URS Corporation f13builder: A Tool for Rapid Creation and Review of the ADCIRC Nodal Attribute File
Jason Fleming Seahorse Consulting eXtensible Data Model and Format (XDMF) and ADCIRC


Friday April 4, 2014

Session 5: New Applications

John Baugh NC State Subdomain modeling using a new boundary condition that combines elevation and flux
Casey Dietrich NC State Baroclinic Currents along the Florida Shelf during SCOPE
Talea Mayo UNC Data Assimilation within the Advanced Circulation (ADCIRC) Modeling Framework for the Estimation of Mannings Friction Coefficient


Session 6: Tides, SLR and Such

Juan Gonzalez-Lopez Notre Dame Tides and Resonant Features in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico
Ian Walkington U. Liverpool Ripples Across the Pond
Sergey Vinogradov Stevens Inst. Hydrodynamic Study of the Effects of sea level rise and coastal modifications on flood hazards in the New York City area



Session 7: What’s New

Aaron Donahue Notre Dame Towards the Development of Phase Resolving Wave Models for incorporation into Circulation Models
Jason Fleming Seahorse Coastal Consulting What’s new in ADCIRC v51?