2018 Users Group Meeting Presentations

4/12/2018: Morning

Hendrik Toman Keynote Address: Operational Modeling at NWS – Where does ADCIRC fit in
Andre van der Westhuysen Extratropical Model Guidance: Winter Storm Riley 2018
Sergey Vinogradov ADCIRC-Based Storm Surge Operational Forecast Systems at NOAA
Edward Myers VDatum Development, Upgrades, and Future Plans


4/12/2018: Afternoon


Wei Wu ADCIRC application for updating tidal datums in the Texas and western Louisiana coasts
Saeed Moghimi Effects of waves on total water level using a flexible coupling approach
SeungWon Suh Probabilistic storm wave inundation analysis based on hypothetically generated typhoon tracks and WOT module demonstration
Chris Massey U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Storm Modeling System Large Scale Applications
Matt Bilskie Development of Return Period Stillwater Floodplains under the Coastal Dynamics of Sea Level Rise
Ali Rezaie Valuing the Role of Wetlands and Marshes in Coastal Resilience: Potential Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Marsh Migration
William Pringle Exploring baroclinic mode 2D ADCIRC to improve coastal elevations      BC_OceanCurrents.avi      NoBC_OceanCurrents.avi
Nate Dill Dam/Pump Boundary Condition plus Directional Wind Roughness Findings


4/13/2018: Morning

Keith Roberts Comparative influences of mesh resolution on predictions of free surface elevation
Jennifer Proft Improved efficiency using multiple mesh technique
Ajimon Thomas High-Resolution Modeling of Surge during Hurricane Matthew (2016)
Nelson Tull Improving Accuracy of Real-Time Storm Surge Inundation Predictions
Rosemary Cyriac Wind effects on the Choctawhatchee River plume at Destin Inlet, Florida
Brian Joyce Coupling ADCIRC to Sea Ice: Application to the Alaska Region
Damrongsak Wirasaet Using ADCIRC with sponge layers as an open ocean boundary treatment in storm-surge models
Kendra Dresback An Integrated Scenario Ensemble-Based Framework for Hurricane Evacuation Modeling


4/13/2018: Afternoon

Alexander Crosby New NetCDF Formatted Atmospheric Inputs for ADCIRC
Taylor Asher ADCIRC Documentation v3.0
Jason Fleming ADCIRC Roadmap
Edward Myers NOAA Integrated Water Initiative: Coupling Inland Hydrology and Coastal Circulation Models