Version History – v52

v52.30.14 – 09/27/2017 – zc

Fixes #84 (sparse ascii output was not working) in v52Release branch

v52.30.13 – 10/06/2016 – zc

Fixes #17, issues with large netCDF arrays

v52.30.12 – 09/30/2016 – jgf

Fixes issue #31: when using a netcdf hotstart file containing harmonic analysis data in parallel, a segmentation fault will occur if there are zero stations.

v52.30.11 – 09/15/2016 – zc

Adding additional return logging to weir_boundary.F

v52.30.10 – 09/15/2016 – zc

Fixing bugs identified relating to weir boundaries. Issue #25: incorrect variable name and incorrect array index names used for internal barrier boundaries with cross barrier pipes (types 5 and 25) as well as segmentation faults due to unbalanced code tracing (setMessageSource and unsetMessageSource)

v52.30.09 – 09/08/2016 – jgf

Fixed handling of storms with centers in degrees east longitude for the vortex models: nws=8,19,20.

v52.30.08 – 07/29/2016 – jgf

Added compiler flags for lonestar5 at TACC.

v52.30.07 – 07/20/2016

Applied tcm fix that originally went into v51.52.38 r1210 of v51release branch and includes makefile fixes for building XDMF support into libadc.a as well as:

06/07/2016 – tcm

Added unsetMessageSource calls after the writer_main and hswriter_main calls in ADCIRC_Run, otherwisefor coupled simulations where ADCIRC_Run is called multiple times, the Message number will run out of dimensions.

v52.30.06 – 07/14/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue in adcprep where the finding of the time varying weirs list was erroneously reported.

v52.30.05 – 06/25/2016 – jgf

Extended workaround for the issue where ADCIRC opens i/o unit numbers currently in use by SWAN so that it covers any/all i/o unit numbers that ADCIRC might use (this issue was causing mysterious hangs in parallel); changed GFS read routine (NWS10) so that it always uses the same unit number to avoid collisions with SWAN.

v52.30.04 – 06/18/2016 – jgf

Enabled inverted barometer modification of elevation specified boundaries using metControl namelist in fort.15 with invertedBarometerOnElevationBoundary=.true.

v52.30.03 – 06/11/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue in reading levee boundaries with cross barrier pipes (ibtypes 5 and 25) where the counter variable for these boundaries was not being incremented.

v52.30.02 – 06/07/2016 – jgf

Moved handling of rads.64 file outside of #ifdef CSWAN so that it could be written without SWAN coupling.

v52.30.01 – 06/06/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue when reading min/max files in netCDF in parallel resulting from reading the ADCIRC time from the netCDF file into an unallocated array.

v52.30 – 05/11/2016

Resolved minor conflicts (mainly confined to USE statements) when merging the txout branch r1120:1202 to trunk. Changes in the too-long txout branch are as follows:

v52.08.30 – 05/01/2016

Applied same fix as trunk version v52.29 (r1199:1201): Added compiler flags for compiling with NetCDF support on Topaz at ERDC; modified makefile to support building aswip in its own

v52.08.29 – 04/30/2016

Applied same fix as trunk version v52.28 (issue in reading IDEN in fort.15).

v52.08.28 – 04/29/2016 – jgf

Fixed NetCDF metadata for velocity units (wind, water current, max wind and water current, and swan wind); fixed reading of IDEN to make it consistent between the 2D section of the fort.15 file and the 3D section. These fixes were made as revisions 1193:1195 on adcirc trunk version v52.27.

v52.08.27 – 03/08/2016 – jgf

Merged trunk v52.26 (svn revisions 1185:1191)

v52.08.26 – 03/08/2016 – jgf

Merged trunk v52.21 to v52.25 (svn revisions 1171:1189).

v52.08.25 – 03/01/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue where netcdf min/max metadata were erroneously updated when netcdf min/max file should only be read because it will be written in a different format; fixed issue where writer processors were either calling subroutine initNetCDFOutputFile() either multiple times or not at all for a particular files; corrected writeFlag on initialization of endrisinginun.63 so that it is not initialized unless inundationOutput is .true.; fixed issue where NABOUT was not being set on writer processors, resulting in lack of control over logging verbosity; fixed issue in harmonic analysis of velocity components where the magnitude and phase for station harmonic output was erroneously dimensioned according to the number of elevation stations instead of the number of velocity stations; also fixed typoin harmonic analysis where the phase angle for fulldomain velocity erroneously included the phase angle from stationvelocity harmonic analysis.

v52.08.24 – 01/22/2016 – jgf

Added log messages when setting cold wet/dry state to record the rationale for a node being dried.

v52.08.23 – 01/18/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue where the cold wet/dry state was not being initialized properly for writing initiallydry.63 file when hotstarting.

v52.08.22 – 01/18/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue where processor 0 could potentially open a min/max file for writing (to update metadata) at the same time that other processors were opening the file read-only to read min/max data.

v52.08.21 – 12/31/2015 – jgf

Corrected issue where min/max netcdf files were being read even though they contained no data.

v52.08.20 – 12/28/2015 – jgf

Changed the time dataset in inundationtime.63 file to represent time of first onset of inundation above the threshold rather than last time at which inundation was present; added an initialization feature to check the adcirc time that min/max files and inundation files were written to prevent the reading of data (at hotstart) that are actually later than the hotstart time; added a temp variable to subroutine CollectMinMaxData() to reduce the creation of temporary arrays by the compiler; fixed typo issues in subroutine
readAndMapToSubdomainMaxMinNetCDF() where the netcdf hotstart file handle was used rather than the netcdf min/max file handle.

v52.08.19 – 12/18/2015 – jgf

Added DEBUG=netcdf_trace to options for Intel compilers; initialized hotstart file names in subroutine prepNetCDF().

v52.08.18 – 12/09/2015 – jgf

Removed writeFlag=.false. from initialization of file in write_output.F to fix issue with uninitialized netcdf file name for that file; added DEBUG=trace option to compiler flags for hatteras; removed blueridge compiler flags.

v52.08.17 – 11/17/2015 – jgf

Fixes to variable naming and reading/writing of file.

v52.08.16 – 11/11/2015 – jgf

Merged trunk changes v52.17 through v52.20 (svn revisions 1153:1170); fixed issue where file was being initialized in initOutput2D() even with inundation output turned off when running in parallel.

v52.08.15 – 11/10/2015 – jgf

Added everdried.63 capability to inundation output files in netcdf and ascii formats; this min/max file is written at the end of the simulation and contains -99999 at nodes that dried during the runtime, even for a single time step; whereas always wet nodes have a value of 1; this new output file is valuable for harmonic analysis calculations.

v52.08.14 – 10/26/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue where adcprep was failing when attemping to initialize file for a run that did not use meteorological forcing.

v52.08.13 – 09/24/2015 – tcm

added some conditional #ifdef ADCNETCDF to insulate netcdf calls when not build with the netcdf options. Also added unsetmessagesource in the calls to writer_main within adcirc.F. Not unsetting the source during coupled simulations caused the source counter to quickly grow beyond the size limit on the source counter (50). In the coupled simulations, when adcirc_run is done, the writers need to relinquish their status as well.

v52.08.12 – 09/24/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue with dry values in being set to 0.0 instead of -99999.0 by
initializing the zeta_max array in the netcdf file to -99999 in adcprep.

v52.08.11 – 09/15/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue with initialization of max/min files in netcdf format so that they don’t have -99999 values that will later be read in for a hotstart, squared and compared with the sum of the squares of vector quantities during execution.

v52.08.10 – 09/09/2015 – jgf

Merged trunk changes v52.09 to v52.16 (svn revisions 1128:1153).

v52.08.09 – 09/09/2015 – jgf

Added capability to deactivate noff (i.e. noff is always 1) using wetDryControl namelist in fort.15 file.

v52.08.08 – 09/04/2015 – jgf

Added writing of header for nodecode.63 and noff.100 files to hstart.F.

v52.08.07 – 08/21/2015 – jgf

Fixed segfault in subroutine readAndMapToSubdomainMaxMinNetCDF() where the pointer to
adcircMesh was getting set after the call to getDimensions() so these operations were reversed; fixed logging of early return in subroutine readAndMapToSubdomainMaxMin().

v52.08.06 – 08/21/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue in initOutput2D() where netcdf min/max files were erroneously being initialized by all subdomains in parallel.

v52.08.05 – 08/20/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue in initInundationOutput() subroutine where all procs were calling initNetCDFOutputFile() on; fixed so only proc0 calls it.

v52.08.04 – 08/19/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue in initInundationOutput() subroutine by taking the abs() of the file format specifier in the select case statement.

v52.08.03 – 07/12/2015 – jgf

Added initialization of inundation output in netcdf format to adcprep; added new field to OutputDataDescript_t to enable reading of min/max files upon hotstart; moved the code that reads min/max files from hotstart() to initOutput2D() in write_output module; added new capability to read min/max files in netcdf format (up until now the code would only read in min/max files in ascii format); reworked existing code to read min/max files to accommodate formats other than ascii; after lengthy test/fix cycling, new and revised code passes all relevant tests.

v52.08.02 – 07/06/2015 – jgf

Upgraded hstart.F to read inundation output files upon hotstart; added category to write header for initallydry.63 file; added general subroutine to read_input() to report i/o status after reading any namelist; added reading/writing of inundationOutputControl namelist to adcprep.

v52.08.01 – 06/30/2015 – jgf

Added output file types for detailed inundation output in the txout branch, including time span of inundation, maximum inundation depth, locations of initially dry areas (i.e., at cold start), and whether inundation is still increasing at the end of the simulation.

v52.29 – 05/01/2016

Applied same fix as v51release branch version v51.52.37 (r1199:1200): Added compiler flags for compiling with NetCDF support on Topaz at ERDC; modified makefile to support building aswip in its own subdirectory.

v52.28 – 04/30/2016

Applied same fix as v51release branch version v51.52.36 (issue in reading IDEN in fort.15).

v52.27 – 04/29/2016 – jgf

Fixed NetCDF metadata for velocity units (wind, water current, max wind and water current, and swan wind); fixed reading of IDEN to make it consistent between the 2D section
of the fort.15 file and the 3D section. These fixes were made as revisions 1193:1194 on v51release branch, adcirc version v51.52.35.

v52.26 – 03/16/2016 – jgf

Applied fix from zc to take the absolute value of the element number when decomposing the fulldomain elementally-based arrays (e.g., the NOFF array) from hotstart files in parallel.

v52.25 – 01/25/2016 – jgf

Merged revisions 1176:1183 from v51release branch (v51.52.33 and v51.52.34) as follows:

v51.52.34 – 01/25/2016 – jgf

Fixed issue where nodecode was being tested on output arrays where wet/dry state should be considered, but this test was being erroneously applied to stations by looking up the nodecode on the station number itself, rather than the nodes in the element containing the station; checking the wet/dry state of a station was already being correctly handled in subroutine stationArrayInterp().

v51.52.33 – 01/14/2016 – tcm

Added compiler flags for Topaz, SGI ICE X.

v52.24 – 01/26/2016 – jgf

Fixed adcirc2xdmf utility to recognize the .13 extension for processing nodal attributes files; also updated the build system to synchronize with changes in the modules adcirc2xdmf depends on.

v52.23 – 01/05/2016 – zc

Fixing bug where time varying weirs were not initialized correctly during hot starts

v52.22 – 11/15/2015 – zc

Fixing bug where SWAN was writing the previous time snap instead of the current by moving writeOutput2D call out of timestep.F and into adcirc.F after the SWAN time step has taken place

v52.21 – 11/15/2015 – zc

Merging TimeVaryingWeirs branch into trunk

v52.20.17 – 11/13/2015 – zc

Merging changes up to trunk revision 1171 and fixing bugs

v52.20.16 – 06/09/2015 – zc

Merging changes up to trunk revision 1109

v52.20.15 – 05/06/2015 – zc

Fixing bug when compling adcprep

v52.20.14 – 05/06/2015 – zc

Bringing time varying weirs branch into sync with trunk revision 1092 and resolving conflicts

v52.20.13 – 05/06/2015 – zc

Adding LUN and File_Extension to output variable for fort.77

v52.20.12 – 11/12/2014 – zc

Merging trunk changes to branch up to revision 1044

v52.20.11 – 11/07/2014 – zc

Merging trunk changes to branch up to revision 1041

v52.20.10 – 10/28/2014 – zc

Changes to integrate adcprep into branch. Adding mesh.F to makefile for adcprep. Changing mesh.F for line length limitations under intel compilers.

v52.20.09 – 10/27/2014 – zc

Merging in changes from xdmf that were brought into trunk

v52.20.08 – 10/22/2014 – zc

Small changes for clarity

v52.20.07 – 10/14/2014 – zc

Merging branch up to revision 1026

v52.20.06 – 10/03/2014 – zc

Adding support for type 5/25 boundaries to ADCPREP

v52.20.05 – 06/15/2014 – zc

Merging branch up to svn revision 1003

v52.20.04 – 06/15/2014 – zc

Fixing bug where FailureDurationSec was not read from input file and various output file bugs

v52.20.03 – 05/01/2013 – zc

Correcting bug for TimeVaryingWeirs and prep15 option. Fixed another bug under serial runs. (v51.02.03)

v52.20.02 – 03/30/2013 – zc

Corrected bug for certain boudary conditions during adcprep (v51.02.02)

v52.20.01 – 01/04/2013 – zc

Created TimeVaryingWeir branch and Adding first set of changes for time varying weirs. (v51.02.01)

v52.20 – 11/11/2015 – jgf

Fixed output of time varying tau0 so that ascii fort.90 files have a proper header; fort.90 and files are only written when tau0=-x.1 in fort.15.

v52.19 – 09/18/2015 – jgf

Fixed parsing and i/o error checking in subroutine rsget (for reading fort.23).

v52.18 – 09/18/2015 – jgf

Fixed check that compares number of nodes in mesh to number of nodes in fort.13 so that it occurs immediately when fort.13 header is read.

v52.17 – 09/16/2015 – jgf

Added call to subroutine updateMetaData() at end of subroutine writeNetCDFHotstartFile() to ensure that netcdf metadata is updated in netcdf hotstart files when new hotstart data are written to them. Same fix was applied to v51release branch as v51.52.27.

v52.16 – 09/09/2015 – jgf

Merged v51.52.26 from v51 release branch (svn revision numbers 1148:1152) as described below:

v52.15 – 09/09/2015 – jgf

Merged fixes from the v51release branch, specifically v51.52.21 through v51.52.25 (svn revision numbers 1140:1148) as described below:

v51.52.25 – 09/04/2015 – yf/jgf

Fixed initial guess for dradz in subroutine glats() (for NWS10, i.e., GFS input) reducing it by a factor of 8.

v51.52.24 – 08/24/2015 – jgf

Modified loop extents from previous change such that the QNMSG array is populated at indices that correspond to the position in the LBCODE array where the flux boundary conditions are specified.

v51.52.23 – 08/23/2015 – jgf

Fixed adcprep issues with array extents for external flux boundaries and the LBCODE array for boundary types at nodes in adcprep; the issues manifested as too many flux values read from fort.15 for periodic river flux boundary conditions.

v51.52.22 – 08/17/2015 – jgf

Added compiler flags for spirit at AFRL.

v51.52.21 – 08/14/2015 – jgf

Fixed NWS10 (NOAA GFS) meteorological input subroutines so that they function properly in serial and parallel; previously, there was no accommodation for NWS10 in adcprep, whereas now adcprep recognizes this as a valid value; subroutines in adcirc were nonfunctional due to outdated parameters and code structure; adcirc code for NWS10GET was fixed and made functional by bringing it in line with the overall structure of the wind module; also fixed an issue with ramp value initialization when nramp=1 and dramp=0.0.

Merged fixes from the v51release branch, specifically v51.52.21 through v51.52.25 (svn revision numbers 1140:1148) as described below:

v52.14 – 08/06/2015 – jgf

Fix to prevent NaNs in output files in runs that use SWAN coupling with a vortex meteorological model. This issue was a result of the parametric vortex models not initializing the WVNX1 and WVNY1 arrays because they do not use them but SWAN does (v51.52.20)

v52.13 – 08/04/2015 – zc

Fixing bug that caused serial adcswan to not write output files. descript % writeFlag was never set to .true.

v52.12 – 08/02/2015 – zc

Fixing bug in writing netCDF stations using serial adcirc. Pointers to station coordinates were not defined.

v52.11 – 07/28/2015 – tcm

Fixed bug in time varying bathymetry implementation, where the wrong amount of bathymetry change was being used for adjusting the eta2 variable.

v52.10 – 07/24/2015 – jgf

Updated adcirc2xdmf to keep it in sync with the utilities in the ASGS trunk; adcirc2xdmf is a valuable tool for aiding 3D visualization of levee boundaries in Paraview.

v52.09 – 07/20/2015 – tcm

Added compiler flags for Cray XC30/XC40 using Intel compilers with (ftn) as default instead of ifort. These basic compiler options work on Armstrong@NAVO, Lightning@AFRL, Shephard@NAVO and Gordon@NAVO

v52.08 – 06/24/2015 – jgf

Added compiler flags and swan for stampede at TACC.

v52.07 – 06/24/2015 – jgf

Fixed issue with serial execution by removing code that set WRITE_LOCAL_FILES (etc) equal to .true. for serial execution.

v52.06 – 06/23/2015 – jgf

Merged wetdryout branch (r1107:1115) to trunk including the changes described below as v52.04.xx. The bug fixes contained in this merge were backported to v51.52.12.

v52.04.03 – 06/09/2015 – jgf

Added parsing of command line options to adcpost; added mergeSubdomainFiles() subroutine to adcpost to process integer and elementally-based output; added noff and nodecode as regular output types; created capability to specify the production of fulldomain or subdomain output files separately from fulldomain or subdomain hotstart files (to write only the output files to subdomains, use the -u command line option); fixed references to localdir and globaldir during file initialization instead of just setting globaldir=localdir when WRITE_LOCAL_FILES is set.

v52.04.02 – 05/21/2015 – jgf

Removed abs() from uses of IMAP_EL_LG; replaced resetting of NOFF_G to 1 (if it exceeds 1) with a check for and an error message if it does; redimensioned EL_SHARE in adcprep to NELG rather than MNEP; added explanatory comments to decomp.F; fixed the check for shared elements in decomp.F for domains with weirs so that it uses fulldomain element numbers instead of erroneously using subdomain element numbers and so that it writes the first mapping of an element in IMAP_EL_LG with a positive index and subsequent mappings to that element with a negative index; fixed element indices in IMAP_EL_LG for domains without weirs to also follow this scheme for positive and negative values rather than erroneously writing all element numbers with positive values; added warning message in decomp.F where the code checks to see if subdomain A has subdomain B listed as a neighbor but not vice versa.

v52.04.01 – 05/21/2015 – jgf

Added code for writing out nodecode and noff (wet/dry state arrays) as regular output files.

v52.05 – 06/12/2015 – jgf

Removed error message emitted by adcprep and adcirc when NOLIFA=2 and NOLICAT=0 because it is alarming and because it contradicts common practice (same change as v51.52.14).

v52.04 – 05/20/2015 – zc

Further fixes for multiple netCDF writer cores and writing the fort.69 debug file. (v51release branch v51.52.11, svn rev 1105)

v52.03 – 05/14/2015 – zc

Bug fixes for compiling with XDMF libraries

v52.02 – 05/14/2015 – zc

Fixed netCDF writer processor which did not have knowledge of NP_G and NE_G during initialization. This is now read during the readMetadata routine from branches/v51release r1098 (51.52.08)

v52.01 – 05/14/2015 – jgf

Merged r1088:1095 of branches/v51release (v51.52.03 to v51.52.07) to trunk. Changes include:

fixed two memory allocation issues for harmonic analysis i/o in parallel; added command line option to direct ADCIRC to simply report version number and exit; fixed memory allocation issue when performing globalio in parallel for ESLNodes.63 file; fixed issue with NWS=12 (OWI) where barometric pressure at nodes outside both met grids was set to zero instead of the background pressure of 1013mb; the issue did not affect situations where the OWI grid completely covered the ADCIRC mesh; added compiler flags for LSU supermike2; added compiler flags for LONI queenbee.

v52.00 – 04/13/2015 – jgf

Merged r1083:1086 of branches/v51release to trunk: fixed compilation issue when compiling with DEBUG_WARN_ELEV flag; fixed compilation issue with harmonic analysis data post processing in subdomain hotstart files in adcpost (same changes as v51.52.01 and v51.52.02).