2015 ADCIRC Workshop Presentations

19th Annual ADCIRC Model Workshop
March 30-31, 2015

Monday March 30

Bill Lapenta NCEP Director Introduction to the National Centers for Environmental Prediction
Rosemary Cyriac NC State University Forecast Predictions of Winds, Waves and Storm Surge during Hurricane Arthur (2014)
Ovel Díaz García UNAM Development of an operational storm surge numerical forecasting system for the Mexican coasts
Jesse Feyen NOAA ADCIRC Applications at NOAA
Taylor Asher AECOM Lessons Learned In Developing a new U.S. Atlantic & Gulf Operational Storm Surge Model
Juan Gonzalez-Lopez University of Notre Dame A comprehensive modelling framework for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands: Tides, waves, storm surge, and currents using ADCIRC+SWAN
Aaron Donahue University of Notre Dame Incorporation of high-order phase resolving wave models within a finite element shallow water model
Andre van der Westhuysen NOAA Meso-scale coupling of ADCIRC and SWAN in an operational environment
Muhammed Akbar Tennessee State Evaluation of Tides and Hurricane Surges in the Gulf of Mexico by using CaMEL Implicit Storm Surge Model
Brian Joyce University of Notre Dame Modelling Tides in the North Pacific: An ADCIRC model for Alaska
Peter Bacopoulos University of North Florida LTEA+CD Mesh Generation for Vancouver Island
Stephen Brus University of Notre Dame A Tidal Validation Study for the South China Sea


Tuesday March 31

Chris Massey USACE-ERDC ERDC’s CSTORM Production System
Henok Demissie University of North Florida Bottom friction analysis for 2D tide simulation of coastal river
Amanda Tritinger University of North
Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Tidal Variance, and Marsh Accretion and Evolution in the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, Florida
Zachary Byerly LSU STORM: A Scalable Toolkit for an Open Community Supporting Near Realtime High Resolution Coastal Modeling
Chris Szpilka University of Oklahoma East Coast and West Coast Tidal Database Updates
Matthew Bilskie LSU Tide, wind-wave, and hurricane storm surge modeling in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Yi Liu Virginia Tech Development of Time-evolving Surge Response Functions (TSRFs) in Galveston, TX
Jessica Meixner University of Notre Dame Using ADCIRC to Track Marine Life
John Baugh NC State University Developments in Subdomain Modeling
Kendra Dresback University of Oklahoma Coupling a Parametric Rainfall Model, R-CLIPER, to ADCIRC
SeungWon Suh Kusan National University, Korea Implementation of EurOtop module for storm surge wave overtopping analyses
Bob Jacobsen Addressing Hurricane Surge Hazard Uncertainty in Coastal Barrier Design
Jason Fleming Seahorse Coastal Consulting What’s New in ADCIRC