Version History

The following is a brief summary of the ADCIRC development history.

v50.99.13 – 12/04/2013 – jgf

Fixed incorrect station coordinates in all station netcdf files, 2D and 3D, serial and parallel, where Cartesian coordinates were erroneously being written to station netcdf files, coordinates are now correctly written in degrees latitude and longitude.

v50.99.12 – 11/11/2013 – jgf

Fixed f90 compilation rule and arguments to (replacing -unix -f95 with swch) for compiling adcswan and padcswan targets.

v50.99.11 – 11/01/2013 – tcm

Corrected a bug in adcprep for nws=2 where wtiminc was not being correctly read from the fort.15 file.

v50.99.10 – 07/25/2013 – jgf

Corrected a bug in NWS8 (symmetric holland) where the background pressure was being erroneously applied in mb whereas NWS8 requires Pa; fixed met-only mode by forcing a recalculation of starting and ending timesteps for output whenever the ADCIRC timestep has changed after a hotstart; fixed issue where variable time step after hotstart was restricted to 3D baroclinic situations; fixed bug that was causing NWS8 to run out of met data one met time step too early.

v50.99.09 – 05/14/2013 – jgf

Corrected 3D netcdf hotstart issue in parallel where typos in netcdfio.F were causing density3D to be read erroneously in place of velocity3D and turbulence3D data.

v50.99.08 – 05/06/2013 – jgf

Moved the logical variable writerReadMetaData from global.F to netcdfio.F to avoid compilation issue on IBM Power7 (AIX 6.1).

v50.99.07 – 05/06/2013 – jgf

Updated developers documentation to include instructions for building ADCIRC (no code changes).

v50.99.07 – 05/01/2013 – jgf

Added a comma to a write statement in hstime.F to avoid a syntax error when NetCDF is not enabled.

v50.99.06 – 05/01/2013 – tcm

Added kdtree2 module to swan Makefile, which is the same fix that Casey added to the trunk.

v50.99.05 – 02/03/2013 – zc

Corrected variable FoundEye not being set in NWS15GET, so wind drag always defaulted to Garratt formulation.

v50.99.04 – 01/16/2013 – jgf

Fixed issue found by JieGao in initialization of quadrant angles that affected Vr calculations and caused differences between calculated quadrant wind speeds and isotach values from the track file.

v50.99.03 – 01/10/2013 – zc

Correcting bug that would cause error if elemental_slope_limiter was not last attribute in fort.13. Added check for FoundEleSlopeLim and LoadEleSlopeLim as well.

v50.99.02 – 11/29/2012 – jgf

Corrected a typo in HWind (NWS15) processing that prevented the y-component of the wind speed from being converted from 1 minute to 10 minute winds.

v50.99.01 – 10/23/2012 – zc

Reversing change from 9/28/2012. This is actually a leftover debugging statement in NetCDF and is corrected in versions > 4.2. Also, this seemed to cause segfaults under some compilers.

v50.99 – 10/08/12 – jgf

Added if/then statements so that minpr.63 and maxwvel.63 won’t be written if there was no wind forcing; also, so that maxrs.63 won’t be written unless there was wave forcing.

v50.98 – 10/04/12 – jgf

Added subroutine to write LHS of harmonic analysis matrix for debugging purposes; fixed issue in the way that the LHS matrix is read from the binary hotstart file; fixed issue with the way that harmonic analysis load vectors are written to the netcdf hotstart file; fixed an issue with the on-the-fly decomposition of harmonic analysis load vectors from netcdf hotstart files; fixed issue with reading harmonic analysis load vectors for station velocity harmonics from binary hotstart file.

v50.97 – 09/28/12 – zc

Corrected how the element array is written  to NetCDF files to prevent unnecessary screen output for some builds of NetCDF. Also made sure negative values are treated  correctly in couple2swan max file writing.

v50.96 – 09/27/12 – jgf

Removed stray debugging messages from  netcdfio.F that were causing segfault upon hotstart with netcdf  files.

 v50.95 – 09/27/12 – zc

Added SwanMaxDescript%Specifier = NOUTGW to  ensure NetCDF format is written for SWAN max files.  Corrected SWAN output routines to always use writer processors  if MNWPROC > 0. Behavior is consistent with write_output.F

v50.94 – 09/24/12 – jgf

Added DA compiler flags (-DREAL8 etc) to compile hstime, aswip, and adccmp; fixed read format issues in nws15get; fixed cycle time dimension issue, globaldir initialization issue, and lat/lon initialization in aswip (these issues only affect post storm analysis for hwind).

v50.93 – 09/24/12 – zc

Fixed a bug when both writing and reading netcdf hot start files where timenc was deallocated but not marked for reinitialization later.

v50.92 – 09/24/12 – jcd

Fixed a bug in the NetCDF output of the sigma layers in 3D.  The variable NFEN was declared in pre_global.F, and thus was not available to the FEGRIDS routine within the global_3dvs.F module.  Changed pre_global.F to use the NFEN declared within the global_3dvs.F module.

v50.91 – 09/21/12 – jcd

Merged the swan40.91 branch into the trunk.

v50.90 – 09/18/12 – tcm

Fixed a typo bug in adcprep.F for the windows builds.

v50.89 – 09/16/12 – zc

Merging netcdf_writer branch into trunk, revisions 808:836 and resolved conflicts. Ensured that could be created without CSWAN flag.

v50.74.06 – 09/12/12 – ac

Corrected SWAN output for max wind velocities in netcdf to scalar format.

v50.74.05 – 09/12/12 – zc

Corrected a bug in the SWAN output when not using NetCDF writers. Allow the writer processors to read metadata from ADCPREP created output files during first pass since they do not read  fort.15. Tested for NETCDF3 and NETCDF4. Also, corrected SWAN max files in NetCDF which were still writing in ASCII.

v50.74.04 – 07/01/12 – zc

Removing unused variables added for original implementation of NetCDF writer cores

v50.74.03 – 06/29/12 – zc

Remove now unused MPI_COMM for inter-writer only communication. Adjust makefile for correct dependencies for netcdfio.F and writer.F

v50.74.02 – 06/29/12 – zc

NetCDF writers seem to be working properly for ADCIRC and SWAN. Continued testing needed before merge to main trunk.

v50.74.01 – 06/20/12 – zc

Initial edits for NetCDF writer cores.  Writer cores are recognized under ADCIRC writes only at this point. Need to ensure that writer cores have knowledge of all NetCDF record numbers.

v50.88 – 09/14/12 – zc

Corrected a single processor arriving at LBCAST in couple2swan.F. Made a similar change for consistency in write_output.F, but using ADCIRC_TERMINATE().

v50.87 – 09/14/12 – zc

Corrected the size of the netcdf_error array in couple2swan.F to prevent message passing errors.

v50.86 – 09/12/12 – tcm

Adding an empty directory “windows” where MS Visual Studio projects for building metis/adcprep/adcirc/and padcirc can be stored.

v50.85 – 09/11/12 – tcm

Added a few changes related to compiling on Windows PC using MS Studio and Intel MPI.

v50.84.05 – 09/11/12 – jcd

Corrected the use of MPI_COMM_WORLD when it should instead have been COMM in SwanPunCollect.

v50.84.04 – 09/09/12 – jcd

Two small changes to the existing files for src/couple2swan.F and work/makefile.

v50.84.03 – 09/09/12 – jcd

Added the newest release version 40.91 in the swan sub-directory.  Carried forward our files with the compiler flags for different machines.

v50.84.02 – 09/09/12 – jcd

Trying to delete the existing SWAN.

v50.84.01 – 09/09/12 – jcd

Fixed a small bug in write_output.F with the writing of the new NetCDF output files.

v50.84 – 08/16/12 – jgf

Fixed aswip compilation dependencies to enable the building of aswip on garnet at ERDC.

v50.83 – 08/16/12 – jgf

Fixed (removed or changed) stray references to screen() subroutine in ADCIRC code.

v50.82 – 08/15/12 – jgf

Adjusted routines related to a single subdomain initiating code exit: if a subdomain experiences a fatal error, it calls adcirc_terminate() as usual, and sets a flag that causes mpi_abort() to be called in msg_fini() (after writer processors have been shut down); also added execution tracing to messenger.F and fixed a conflict between ADCIRC and SWAN by renaming ADCIRC’s screen() subroutine to screenMessage().

v50.81 – 08/01/12 – zc

Added routines so a single processor can initiate code exit. ADCIRC_LOCALTERMINATE and ADCIRC_CHECKLOCALTERMINATE. All processors use the check routine and the processor with the error uses LOCALTERMINATE and waits until the others catch up. Added this for error checking in read_input.F where mesh or fort.15 errors that apply to a single processor only will hang the code since other processors have no knowledge of the error and hang. Readily extendable to other areas of the code as needed.

v50.80 – 07/31/12 – jgf

Added underscore to mesh topology attribute in netcdf files for NcML compliance.

v50.79 – 07/20/12 – tcm

There was a bug in the prep.F routine in the writing of the metControl namelist that was causing it to not  be written correctly with default values.  The writing of this namelist was corrected to remove the bugs.  Then logic was added so that the metControl namelist is only written in the partitioned fort.15 files if it was present in the global fort.15.  Changed some float() to real(,kind=sz) to remove warning messages.

v50.78 – 07/20/12 – tcm

Changed real*8 to real(8) to remove warning messages.

v50.77 – 07/20/12 – tcm

Fixed a bug in prep.F where the default filename was not initialized to blanks for certain compilers and therefore could have extra characters that were not a part of the actual name, for example a file name might have been fort.13(.  This error happened when default name lengths changed from 7 to 8 characters to allow for larger unit numbers.  Added the Utility Server (utils) compiler options back to the file.

v50.76 – 07/19/12 – jgf

Fixed missing parenthesis on line 7062 in prepNetCDF() where the code was checking if NRS eq 3 or 4; this issue was preventing compilation.

v50.75 – 07/16/12 – tcm

Implemented Casey’s writing of rads.64 file whenever nrs = 3 or nrs = 4.  Removed the ifdef cswan and in most cases replaced with testing of nrs values.

v50.74 – 06/11/12 – jgf

Merged f90_netcdf branch revisions 764:806 and resolved conflicts. Fixed two previously undetected minor issues: (a) SL1 and SF1 arrays were not populated in read_global.F for ICS=1, but they are required for netcdf; and (b) subdomain to fulldomain station mappings were using wrong dimensions during decomposition of harmonic means and variances when hotstarting from a netcdf hotstart file.

v50.60.21 – 05/24/12 – jgf

Fixed a floating point exception when writing 3D velocity stations in parallel.

v50.60.20 – 05/24/12 -jgf

Fixed two issues with the new metControl and SWANOutputControl namelists so that (a) they are not required in the fort.15, and (b) so that the metControl namelist is written with the draglawstring properly enclosed in single quotes by adcprep upon write to subdomain fort.15s so that padcirc can read it successfully.

v50.60.19 – 05/22/12 – casey

Corrected a bug with the output of the SWAN max files.

v50.60.18 – 05/22/12 – jgf

Fixed dependence of presizes.F on wind module; made changes to support gfortran without underscoring; fixed issue with 3D bottom roughness lengths, where Z0B was declared in both nodalattr.F and  global_3dvs.F, resulting in Z0B being used uninitialized in the apply3DBottomFriction() subroutine; fixed numerical issue in wetting and drying due to DELETA sometimes being negative; fixed issue so that maxrs.63 file is still produced, even without compiling in SWAN coupling (purely to match past behavior); replaced some stray f77-style subroutines in netcdf module; fixed numerical issue with translation speed calculation in symmetric vortex (NWS8) subroutine.

v50.60.17 – 05/17/12 – corbitt

Fixed the vector max netcdf output so it was outputing scalar magnitudes instead of vectors.

v50.60.16 – 05/17/12 – jgf

Added tracing to writer.F and  couple2swan.F; removed references to netcdff library from makefile in favor of adding -lnetcdff to FLIBS in for platforms that require it; fixed  array out-of-bounds in netcdf_error array by increasing array length to 14.

v50.60.15 – 05/17/12 – corbitt

Added netcdf output for maxele.63, maxvel.63, minpr.63, maxrs.63, maxwvel.63. Format is dependent on NOUTGE, NOUTGV, NOUTGW, so max files will be formatted same as fort.63,64,73,and 74. If NOUTGE, NOUTGV, NOUTGW are set to 0, standard ascii is output. Population of maxes from hotstarts are still dependent on ascii format. In addition, made the 2D baroclinic and swan netcdf output CF compliant. Also preliminary set up netcdf max files for swan output.

v50.60.14 – 05/15/12 – jgf

Fixed typo that was causing array out-of-bounds when writing fort.45 in netcdf format.

v50.60.13 – 05/15/12 – jgf

Moved metControl namelist for specification of air density, drag law, and wind drag limit to end of fort.15, instead of reconstructing the NWS line; this brings this data structure into line with the TimeBathyControl and SWANOutputControl namelists. Also fixed an issue in checking NWS values that was rejecting negative values of NWS.

v50.60.12 – 05/14/12 – jgf

Fixed issue with compiler flags on  blueridge at RENCI to use the path to netcdf4.1 (required when using NETCDF4=enable).

v50.60.11 – 05/14/12 – jgf

Fixed issue in makefile to resolve reference to global.F in presizes.F.

v50.60.10 – 05/14/12 – jgf

Added code to prep.F to calculate and  save sigma coordinates to 3D netcdf file; moved FEGRIDS  subroutine from vsmy.F to global_3dvs.F so that it could  be used by adcprep; added an IF statement in couple2swan.F so that only processor 0 would make the subroutine calls  to initialize the SWAN-related netcdf output files; also changed SWAN_VOQR(IVTYPE+1) to SWAN_VOQR(IVTYPE)+1 in couple2swan.F to remedy an array-out-of-bounds issue (this appeared to be a typo).

v50.60.09 – 05/12/12 -jgf

Added autocompression for netcdf4   formatted SWAN output files; fixed issue that was causing  station coordinates to be reported in CPP rather than geographic projection in netcdf output files; added optional  namelist to bottom of fort.15 for reading zc’s logical variables for turning SWAN output on and off; fixed an issue in adcprep that was trying to open the SWAN command file twice if the SWAN command file was named fort.26; removed assumptions in symmetric vortex model (nws=8) about northern and western hemispheres so it can now simulate storms in eastern and southern hemispheres; fixed file reading issue in symmetric vortex model where it was  trying to read subdomain fort.22 files; removed stop  keyword from symmetric vortex subroutine that could cause problems in parallel operation.

v50.60.08 – 05/10/12  – zc

Added netcdf output to SWAN output files and rads.64. The swan output files are now turned on and off using logicals in the global.F file. Output files are set to the defaults that were previously hardwired.

v50.60.07 – 05/06/12 – jgf

Corrected issue with writing 3D fulldomain velocity files in netcdf in serial; added storage of sigma array to 3D netcdf files.

v50.60.06 – 05/05/12 – jgf

Fixed issues in netcdfio.F related to setting vertical dimension when initializing and writing 3D station and 3D fulldomain output files in netcdf format.

v50.60.05 – 05/04/12 – jgf

Simplified structure of netcdfio.F to reduce complexity and take advantage of commonalities in the i/o of the various station and full domain files. Tested netcdf output in serial and in parallel, including serial and parallel hotstarting with netcdf hotstart files on 2D quarter annulus case. All smoke tests pass at this point; a few more tests are required.

v50.60.04 – 05/03/12 – jgf

Eliminated memory allocation and copying of 3D data and 3D hotstart data in netcdfio.F that is no longer required when using f90-style subroutine calls. Added code that pulls 3D data from netcdf hotstart files directly into adcirc variables in serial and in parallel. This code  compiles; next step is testing.

v50.60.03 – 05/02/12 – jgf

Fixed an incomplete implementation of  hotstarting in parallel with netcdf that was uncovered in testing previously committed changes. Applied logging fix from trunk (v50.65).

v50.60.02 – 05/01/12 – jgf

Migration of adcirc netcdfio module to f90-style subroutine calls is complete. It now compiles too. The next step is to make corresponding changes to write_output.F.

v50.60.01 – 04/29/12 – jgf

Halfway through changing the subroutine calls in netcdfio.F to f90-style. This is a work in progress.

v50.73 – 05/08/12 – tcm

removed use of reserved work (scale) from the file diffmerge.F.

v50.72 – 05/07/12 – tcm

Incorporated time varying bathymetry changes into ADCIRC. These came from the time_varying_bathy branch. If time varying bathymetry is not used, then no changes to the fort.15 occur.  To use time varying bathymetry, then add the “timebathycontrol” namelist at the end of the fort.15 file. Time varying bathymetry uses a fort.141 file to supply the different bathymetry values and as output writes a fort.75 (station) and fort.76 (global) that are controled by the fort.61 and fort.63 file options.

v50.71 – 05/01/12 – zc

Reorganized ps2dots and ps3dots routines to improve code performance. Changed ADVECTLOCAL to only be called when advection is turned on, which improves code speed. Moved call to updater to after slope limiter routine to avoid calling it twice.

v50.70 – 04/22/12 – zc

Allowed the values from ESLNodes.63 to be used in a hotstart run to reactivate slope limiter at previously active nodes. Fix hot start allocation issues.

v50.69 – 04/16/12 – jgf

Applied fix from Kendra Dresback for erroneous format in writeOutHarmonicArrays() subroutine that was causing phase values to be off by a factor of 10.

v50.68 – 04/15/12 – jgf

Removed water surface elevation smoother nodal attribute.

v50.67 – 04/15/12 – zc

Corrected the elemental slope limiter to apply smoothing if fort.13 max gradient is set to zero instead of skipping the node. Also set so that a negative fort.13 value triggers gradient warnings but no slope limiting

v50.66 – 04/09/12 – jgf

Corrected issue in reading NWS namelist that caused a compiler warning about out-of-block goto.

v50.65 – 04/09/12 – jgf

Corrected issue with logging where all subdomains were logging to an erroneous fulldomain fort.16.

v50.64 – 04/08/12 – jcd

Updated a few SWAN source files to reflect the latest changes by the SWAN developers.

v50.63 – 04/07/12 – zc

corrected the elemental slope limiter  output statements so they only appear once per node instead of continuously until the gradient is below the threshold

v50.62 – 04/07/12 – zc

corrected my previous update to use -99999 when a node is dry instead of what resides in eta2

v50.61 – 04/05/12 – jgf

Merged newvortex branch revisions 705 to 760 into the trunk (the newvortex branch was originally created from v50.38 of the ADCIRC trunk). This merge contains the new NWS19 asymmetric vortex model, new aswip met preprocessing and analysis code, and new NWS15 hwind input capability. Detailed changelog is shown below (v50.38.01 through v50.38.09):

v50.38.09 – 04/05/12 – jgf

Removed extraneous use of globaldir from aswip code.

v50.38.08 – 04/05/12 – jgf

Corrected calculation of wind magnitude for nws15 (hwind) in timestep.F; changed log level to echo for logging drag law string from nws line in fort.15.

v50.38.07 – 03/25/12 – jgf

Changed windMultiplier variable to hWindMultiplier to avoid variable conflict between hwind and owiwind modules.

v50.38.06 – 03/10/12 – jgf

Added vmax and rmax vars to hWindData_t block; added support for Powell wind drag to NWS15 (HWind); added support to NWS15 for finding vmax and rmax; reorganized aswip code to make it modular; added capabilities to the wind analysis features of aswip to enable analysis of HWind data via ADCIRC’s new HWind support.

v50.38.05 – 03/05/12 – jgf

Created NWS=15 for reading HWind data, including nws15init, nws15get, loadHWindFile, and hWindInterpolateVelocity subroutines, as well as supporting changes in adcirc and in various routines in adcprep as needed; code has been tested and appears to work correctly thus far.

v50.38.04 – 01/24/12 – jgf

Removed dependency on precision.F, constants.F fitpack.F, and lsq.F from code; removed NWS9; fixed issue with percent Rmax specification in aswip.

v50.38.03 – 01/16/12 – jgf

Changes to simplify the aswip code and integrate it more closely with ADCIRC; made air density a variable that can be specified by the user in the fort.15; made the default value of the air density 1.15.

v50.38.02 – 01/11/12 – jgf

Latest changes to account for storm motion on Vmax and isotach wind speeds for NWS19; addition of code to aswip for reading/writing additional data for visualizing wind output on autogenerated unstructured mesh; addition of nearest neighbor weighted interpolation to vortex.F for interpolating Rmax between quadrants; some further simplification of vortex.F.

v50.38.01 – 12/02/11 – jgf

Created branch to hold ongoing changes that have been made to assess the meteorological fields generated by the asymmetric vortex model (NWS19), including the following: very heavy modification and simplification of vortex.F, reducing it from 2200 lines of code to 800 lines of code; addition of code to aswip to support the generation of radial and spatial profiles of wind speed; and modification of the interface between NWS9/NWS19 and vortex.F.

v50.59 – 04/04/12 – jgf

Added preprocessor directives so that netcdfio.F can be compiled with either netcdf3 libraries or netcdf4 libraries; made adcprep read the flux time increment (FTIMINC) in fort.20 as a real instead of an integer; corrected the swan version numbers in the changelog below for version 50.55.

v50.58 – 04/02/12 – jcd

Two changes to adcprep: (1) to avoid an endless loop when prepall does not find a default file, now it will ask the user for the file name or to skip; and (2) now it will allow the SWAN control file to have its default name of INPUT, even if the swaninit file is not found.

v50.57 – 03/28/12 – pck

Added two swan files missing from the update

v50.56 – 03/28/12 – pck

Added another ramp option: NRAMP=8, where the new variable DUnRampMete is the time to begin METE ramping. Also added the nodal attribute (advection_state) that allows advection to be initiated based on depth. If the depth is greater than the advection_state depth, advection will be applied (assuming that advection is turned on); otherwise advection will be off.

v50.55 – 03/25/12 – jgf

Merged Casey Dietrich’s changes for the latest version of SWAN (moving from v40.72 to v40.85 of SWAN) as well as the capability to limit the spectral propagation velocities in SWAN; the merged code also contains Taylor Asher’s new capability for modifying wave results in SWAN to account for ice coverage.

v50.54   – 03/25/2012 – jgf

Made changes to enable compilation of netcdfio on intel compilers; upgraded hstime utility to new ADCNETCDF preprocessor variable; added preprocessor variables to turn off automatic netcdf4 compression if the system netcdf4 library does not support it (apparently support for compression was added in netcdf v4.1, but is not available in netcdf 4.0.x).

v50.53   – 02/29/2012 – jgf

Removed massbal.F from code and makefile restored -i-dynamic compiler flag for intel to avoid feupdateenv message; added swan for g95 compiler; turned on shuffle filter for compressed netcdf4 files.

v50.52   – 02/21/2012 – jgf

Merged the following changes from revisions r728:r738 of the netcdf4 branch; this branch was developed to enable compressed native netdf4 output from ADCIRC using an output specifier of 5, i.e., setting NOUTGE=5 will cause ADCIRC to produce fulldomain elevation output in NetCDF Classic Model, NetCDF4-formatted, compressed output files:

v50.43.01  02/20/2011 – jgf

Changes related to netcdf4 output files (output specifier = 5); changed NETCDF preprocessor definition to ADCNETCDF to avoid collision with the official NETCDF module, which was introduced to allow access to the fortran 90 interface for netcdf; automatically enabled compression for netcdf4 output format; used f90 interface for saving text attributes to netcdf files to avoid potential mismatches in character counts in nf_put_att_text(); added tracing to vsmy.F and timestep.F to track down memory issues; initialized BPG to zero in cstart.F; added a convenience subroutine ADCIRC_Terminate() to adcirc.F.

v50.51   – 02/13/2012 – jgf

Merged ADCIRC compiler flags and SWAN for Kraken.

v50.50   – 02/08/2012 – jgf

Changed organization of smoother and slope limiter calculations slightly for sustainability; made negative value of threshold gradient signify unlimited slope at a node (setting threshold gradient to 0.0 now gives continuously limited slope).

v50.49   – 02/08/2012 – zc

Created new nodal attribute for elemental_slope_limiter which takes as a value the maximum gradient to allow before applying the smoothing function which is exactly the same as that used in water_surface_elevation_smooother.  ESLNodes.63 is written out at the end of the run showing the nodes which triggered the function.

v50.48   – 02/08/2012 – jgf

Made stations allocate memory with MNST* rather than NST* dimensions; moved statement that sets 1 station as the minimum to allocate for concentration and meteorology stations to avoid potential memory issues.

v50.47   – 02/07/2012 – jgf

Fixed tab handling issued in subroutine parse() for station names that caused a segfault on pgi compiler.

v50.46   – 02/04/2012 – jgf

Created new nodal attribute called water_surface_elevation_smoother and added code to GWCE_New to apply the smoother if it has been loaded; the value of this nodal attribute is the time step increment between applications of the smoother; i.e., 0 represents no smoothing at that node, 1 represents smoothing at every time step, 2 indicates smoothing every other time step, etc.

v50.45   – 02/04/2012 – jgf

Cleaned up stray references to CGWCE_Original.

v50.44   – 02/04/2012 – jgf

Set namelist scratch file to write to localdir to avoid collisions when running in parallel; removed the GWCE_Original() subroutine from timestep.F per Rick’s request, fixed 3 instances in timestep.F when STOP was called without shutting down mpi first.

v50.43   – 02/03/2012 – jgf

Changed rewind() on scratch file to open() and close() to appease g95 compiler (for nws namelist i/o).

v50.42   – 02/02/2012 – jgf

Changed reading of NWS line so that namelist is written and then read from a scratch file rather than an internal character array (fixes issue caught by pgif95).

v50.41   – 12/23/2011 – tcm

Added compiler options for ERDC’s Utility server (compiler=utils)

v50.40   – 12/21/2011 – jgf

Merged the r364:365 of the debug_support branch (v49.06.01), as follows:

v49.0601   – 12/09/09 – jgf

Added capability to produce fulldomain fort.69 file (i.e., fulldomain elevation file on timesteps where the warning elevation has been exceeded) in addition to existing subdomain fort.69 files.

v50.39     12/08/2011 – tcm

Fixed a possible bug where eta2 was supposed to be zeroed out after setting eta1 = eta2 but was not.

v50.38   – 11/28/2011 – jgf

Fixed CF compliance of time metadata in netcdf by changing attribute text from seconds since base_date to e.g., seconds since 2010-05-01 00:00:00 UTC (the date is simply copied verbatim from the existing base_date metadata field in the fort.15 file).

v50.37   – 09/23/2011 – jgf

Added extra checks to the debugging flags for diamond in; widened some integer format for logging when reading fort.13, fort.14 and fort.15; partial reorganization of aswip code including modification to correct an issue that occasionally resulted in Rmax=0 used as input to NWS19 subroutine in adcirc.

v50.36   – 09/13/2011 – tcm

Added tabs and comma delimiters to the parse subroutine to handle issues with parsing station locations in the fort.15 file.  Utlitmately the station locations should be read in as two real numbers followed by a ! and then a comment line and the adcirc documention updated to reflect a standard way of inserting comments.

v50.35   – 09/09/2011 – jgf

Fixed issue in adcprep when using prep13 option: allocated and populated imap_nod_gl in relocalize().

v50.34   – 09/01/2011 – jgf

Merged the following changes from r689:HEAD of the nws_namelist branch:

v50.31.03  08/25/2011 – jgf

Checked for stationary storm when finding storm direction in wind.F; added NWS value to read_input.F.

v50.31.02  08/19/2011 – jgf

Made different capitalizations of drag law formulations valid; removed stop statement that was inserted after reading of nws line for debugging.

v50.31.01  08/18/2011 – jgf

Reorganized reading of NWS line so that it could be read as a namelist and still be backward compatible with existing fort.15 files; made WindDragLimit and DragLawString optionally selectable from the fort.15 with default value of  0.0035 for WindDragLimit and default values of Garratt and IceCube (depending on whether ice drag is active) for DragLawString; added storm center recording to NWS=8, 9, and 19 to make them compatible with Powell (sector-based) drag formulation; made wind drag limit in SWAN the same as in ADCIRC.

v50.33   – 09/01/2011 – jgf

Fixed compiler flags for garnet at ERDC.

v50.32   – 09/01/2011 – jgf

Fixed compiler flags for diamond at ERDC.

v50.31   – 08/16/2011 – jgf

Added call to ApplyCanopyCoefficient subroutine to all wind subroutines.

v50.30   – 08/03/2011 – jgf

Modified NWS19 so that it won’t try to interpolate beyond the end of the fort.22 file if the run ends right at the last line of the file.

v50.29   – 08/01/2011 – jgf

Modified aswip so that if a storm becomes stationary, its direction will be persisted and speed reduced to 1 … feeding 0 and 0 to ADCIRC NWS19 caused NaNs.

v50.28   – 07/26/2011 – jgf

Removed vestigial DO/ENDDO surrounding call to SWMAIN in couple2swan, purely to enhance readability.

v50.27   – 07/12/2011 – tcm

Added the option to use dedicated writer processors for full in addition to compact formats for ascii global field files (fort 63,64,73,74,93,164 (cswan) ).  Renamed local variable “default” to “default_val”.

v50.26   – 07/06/2011 – jcd

Changed owiwind.F so that blank snaps are inserted when the end of file is reached.

v50.25   – 06/28/2011 – jgf

Fixed debug flags for Jade; removed -Mextend from for Jade; corrected typo in hstime.F.

v50.24   – 06/27/2011 – jgf

Made NWS=19 look in the fulldomain directory for fort.22 in parallel rather than the subdomain directories.

v50.23   – 06/27/2011 – jgf

Added NWS=319 to list of allowable NWS values in read_input.F; fixed initialization in hstime.F; fixed debug flags for intel compiler.

v50.22   – 06/27/2011 – jcd

Set the unit number swiLUN = 26 in prep.F

v50.21   – 06/10/2011 – tcm

Changed I8 to I12 format specifications in the fort.18 files (prep.F, messenger.F, SwanReadfort18.ftn90)

v50.20   – 06/10/2011 – jgf

Fixed an issue in prepUnSWAN that was causing the opening of the fulldomain fort.26 file to fail.

v50.19   – 06/07/2011 – tcm

Fixed a bug in the makefile for the library build of parallel adcirc.

v50.18   – 06/08/2011 – rjw

Added CASE(bottom_roughness_length) to prep.F

v50.17   – 06/07/2011 – jgf

Added -freal-loops to g95 compiler flags for padcswan; changed -module to $(IMODS) in swan compilation rules in makefile; added specific format lengths for I to placate g95 compiler.

v50.16   – 06/06/2011 – jgf

Fixed issue with netcdf hotstart where the time (in seconds) was being read from the netcdf hotstart file but not communicated back to hstart.F for use in initialization; added enhanced logging and i/o error checking to owiwind.F, as well as creating a subroutine to remove some repeated code for i/o; widened the format for NSPOOLG* in globalio.F from I5 to I8 and widened format for NHSINC from I5 to just I in read_input.F to avoid format overflows.

v50.15   – 05/31/2011 – jgf

Modified prepUnSWAN routine in adcprep so that it loads the name of the swan command file from the swaninit file; it will then copy that command file to the subdomain directories without changing the name.

v50.14   – 05/27/2011 – rjw

Fixed 3D hotstart bug in the turb subroutine, that resulted in variables not being initialized upon return to the program from hotstart.(vsmy.F) Explicitly allow subroutines to access variables using the “USE” statement.  This was needed to ensure MYPROC, MNPROC, SZ were being properly used in subroutines (write_output.F,globalio.F, global.F).

v50.13   – 05/27/2011 – jgf

Fixed issue caused by requesting netcdf station output while specifying zero stations.

v50.12   – 05/26/2011 – tcm

Fixed bug that caused output to overflow the formats on some compilers, for example, an output of -0.1234567891E-123 would be written as -0.1234567891-123, when using the Ew.d format.  The FORTRAN 90 standard is not clear on how the exp part is displayed when using Ew.d so we area switching to the Ew.dEe format.  Changes were made in globalio.F, write_output.F and timestep.F for these.  Also, made the output formats consistent between globalio.F and write_output.F.

v50.11   – 05/26/2011 – jgf

Added capability to adcprep to prep just the fort.88 file; add capability to just prep the fort.20 file; added command line argument processing to adcprep to bypass menu driven interface; the menu driven interface is still the default, and is triggered if there aren’t any command line options.

v50.10   – 05/25/2011 – jgf

Merged rivers50 branch r643:660, which contained the changes for initialization of rivers above msl.

v50.05.05  05/23/2011 – jgf

Removed code that had been commented out b/c it was no longer being used.

v50.05.04  05/13/2011 – jgf

Updated hstime utility to remove hardcoding of the hotstart file name; added support for netcdf hotstart files.

v50.05.03  05/13/2011 – jgf

Commented out more leftover debugging statements.

v50.05.02  05/12/2011 – jgf

Commented out leftover debugging statements.

v50.05.01  05/11/2011 – jgf

Merged and resolved conflicts for the following changes from the rivers_init branch:

r484 | kdresback | 2010-06-28 12:19:14 -0400 (Mon, 28 Jun 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/prep.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/presizes.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/read_global.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/hstart.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/read_input.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/timestep.F
Updates for the river initialization – adding the option for the river
boundary condition to not use time==0 as the start time.
r460 | kdresback | 2010-06-07 18:29:40 -0400 (Mon, 07 Jun 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/pre_global.F
Updates for river initialization when rivers are above MSL
r454 | kdresback | 2010-06-02 15:52:24 -0400 (Wed, 02 Jun 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/adcprep.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/prep.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/presizes.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/prep/read_global.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/cstart.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/global.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/global_3dvs.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/hstart.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/init_cond.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/read_input.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/transport.F
M /adcirc/branches/rivers_init/src/vsmy.F
Updates for river initialization when rivers are above MSL
r453 | kdresback | 2010-06-02 14:10:49 -0400 (Wed, 02 Jun 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
A /adcirc/branches/rivers_init (from /adcirc/trunk:447)
Creating a branch for river initialization when rivers are above MSL

v50.09   – 05/18/2011 – jcd

Incorporated Powell’s sector-based wind drag scheme, which is controlled by the -DPOWELL compiler flag. Also corrected a few bugs.

v50.08   – 05/18/2011 – jgf

Changed node to rawNode in subroutine that reads in min/max files … not sure if this caused any issues but the Intel compiler complained; fixed format statement for log message reporting the value of IHOT.

v50.07   – 05/18/2011 – jgf

Added missing subroutine call to readNetCDFHotstart3D in hstart.F; cleaned up typos in the netcdf 3D hotstart reading subroutine.

v50.06   – 05/16/2011 – jgf

Fixed issue where 3D netcdf hotstart file was requested but no other fulldomain 3D netcdf output was requested (had to initialize num_v_nodes to NFEN in netcdfio.F).  Added some check_err calls to netcdfio.F  where they were previously missing. Fixed an issue with turbulence length scale output in netcdf (nodal_data_id was referenced rather than v_nodal_data_id). Fixed format issue with NHSTAR in read_input.F.  Initialized E0XGrad2A and E0YGrad2A in timestep.F to zero to appease Intel compiler.

v50.05   – 05/10/2011 – tcm

added support in adcprep for compilation on Window’s based PC.  Fixed a couple of stray bugs related to character lengths in prep.F and added the NOFF variable to hs_2_ascii.F.

v50.04   – 05/10/2011 – jgf

Fixed stray metadata in netcdf file due to nvelnc not being defined correctly.

v50.03   – 05/09/2011 – jgf

Applied fixes to timestep.F and ipackv.F from st to fix issue when the NeiMax node is on a boundary.

v50.02   – 05/06/2011 – tcm

Added a list of pre-processor definitions to use in order to build Metis on a Window’s based PC.

v50.01   – 05/06/2011 – tcm

Added a readme file about the changes to metis.

v50.00   – 05/06/2011 – tcm

Made a couple of modifications to the packages called by metis to get it to work on a Windows based machine.  Added the gettimeofday.h module which is not available on a Windows machine.  A person wanting to compile metis for a Windows based PC would select all the routines in the Lib folder and would also include the gettimeofday.h routine in the Windows folder and would use a -WINDOWS pre-processor flag in addition to the other pre-processor flags in the normal makefile.  NOTE:  Only use the gettimeofday.h for Windows machines, Linux/Unix machines typically already have it installed. These changes to metis do not change the usual building or functionality of metis on Linux/Unix machines.

v49.82   – 04/26/2011 – jgf

Fixed initialization issue in netcdf when netcdf hotstart file was requested in 3D but no other fulldomain netcdf output was requested; removed warning message about ITITER from adcprep; initialized previously uninitialized variable in station parsing routine.