Rivers Above Sea Level Initialization File (fort.88)

The ADCIRC Initialization File for Rivers Above Mean Sea Level (fort.88) will be read in automatically upon cold start if it is found in the same directory as the other input files.

This file is used to initialize the water surface elevation for rivers whose bed rises above mean sea level. Normally ADCIRC would automatically designate such areas as initially dry. In addition, these areas are difficult to initialize properly with an influx boundary condition on a dry river bed. As a result of these difficulties, the fort.88 file was created.

The values found in the fort.88 file are applied only at cold start, after applying the adjustment resulting from the loading of the sea_surface_height_above_geoid nodal attribute (if any). If this nodal attribute has been loaded, then the water surface elevation value from the fort.88 will only be applied if it is greater than the nodal attribute value.

If a water surface elevation value from the fort.88 file is zero or less, it will be ignored in any case.

for j=1 to NP


end j loop

where init_wse(j) is the initial water surface elevation at node j.