Non-periodic Normal Flow Boundary Condition File (fort.20)

Non-periodic, normal flow boundary condition file for “specified non-zero normal flow” boundary nodes. This file is only read when a “specified non-zero normal flow” boundary condition has been specified in the Grid and Boundary Information File (IBTYPE =2, 12 or 22) and NFFR =0 in the Model Parameter and Periodic Boundary Condition File.

The basic file structure is shown below. Each line of input data is represented by a line containing the input variable name(s) in bold face type. Blank lines are only to enhance readability. Loops indicate multiple lines of input. Definitions of each variable are provided via hot links.


for k=1,NFLBN


end k loop


The first set of normal flow values is provided at TIME=STATIM. Additional sets of normal flow values are provided every FTIMINC

Enough sets of normal flow values must be provided to extend for the entire model run, otherwise the run will crash!