Inundation rising at the end of the run flag file (endrisinginun.63)

The endrisinginun.63 file flags nodes whose inundation depth is rising at the end of the simulation by comparing the water surface elevation on the final time step with the water surface elevation on the previous time step. Nodes with rising inundation levels are flagged with an integer value of 1 and all others are given an integer value of 0.

The writing of the endrisinginun.63 output file is activated when the inundationOutput parameter is set to .true. in the optional inundationOutputContol namelist at the bottom of the fort.15 file.

The basic file structure is shown below. Each line of output is represented by a line containing the output variable name(s) in bold face type. Blank lines are to enhance readability. Loops indicate multiple lines of output. Definitions of each variable are provided via hot links.

Output may be in ascii or netCDF format depending on how NOUTGE is set in the Model Parameter and Periodic Boundary Condition File.




for k=1,NP

k, endrisinginun(k)

end k loop


The endrisinginun.63 file is written at the very end of the simulation, after timestepping is complete. The values only reflect the current run, even if the run was hotstarted. The data in the endrisinginun.63 file only flag rising water surface elevation in areas that are initially dry, according to the initiallydry.63 file.