3D Quarter Annular Harbor with Tidal Forcing

Example Results


The Zipped Archive contains the input and output files for each test case.


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Information about the naming convention of test cases:


PC. The predictor-corrector time stepping algorithm was activated by selecting a negative time step. This test was added to the suite after I inadvertently introduced a bug into the predictor-corrector algorithm while fixing a different bug. Please note that the predictor-corrector algorithm has not been applied as broadly as ADCIRC’s default time stepping procedure. Note also that the predictor-corrector algorithm passed on four example problems (i.e., produced results very similar to “serial” test), but failed (blew up) on the Shinnecock Inlet problem.

Hot. This test was carried out by cold starting the example problem and running it until a hot start file was generated, approximately halfway through. Then it was hot started and run to completion. The results were compared to the “serial” case, where the simulations start from cold and run all the way to completion. The purpose was to ensure that a hotstart does not change or perturb the solution. I discovered and fixed two hotstart bugs with this test case, one in 2D for input files where NOLIFA != 0, and another one in 3D.

Jason G. Fleming, December 2005